Our Story

It's so sweet that you want to know more about us - it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy! So here is a little tale about our family and the beginning of our small business, Nappy Caddy Co.

We're so happy you're here

In amongst the chaos of 2020, we discovered that our little family was growing by one! Already parents to two cheeky fur babies, we spent months brainstorming how we could find more time to spend together once our little bundle of joy arrived. Many side hustles were discussed, but none that truly sparked inspiration.

Just before the arrival of our little man, our eldest dog Alfie passed away. And for all those dog lovers out there, you know just how deeply our loss was felt. But as Alfie grew his wings and crossed the rainbow bridge, our hearts were filled with love once again as we became parents to our first born son.

Oh what a crazy ride parenthood can be! And ours began during the first weekend of another three month lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Although we are grateful for the quality time we spent in our newborn bubble, those first three months were incredibly isolating. We had just begun a new chapter in our lives, and the 'village' we had been promised was absent. However, it allowed us time to get our heads around this new parenting gig, and we became deeply invested in creating a calm and organised home environment for us all to thrive.

We Love What We Do

Then inspiration struck and our business seedling was planted. Simply put, we combined our now extensive knowledge of nappy changing with a passion for all things organisation, and Nappy Caddy Co. was born!

We started trialling and testing different storage tools to arrange all things necessary for nappy changing and nursery organisation, and settled on our initial range.

Our journey since this point has been a rollercoaster of creativity, new learning, decision making and risk taking. But we are so grateful that it has led to this - a community that supports new parents to foster calm and organised homes.

Aware of our privileged position to run our small business, and work from home, we also strive to 'pay it forward' as much as possible. Our small contributions to The Nappy Collective are a starting point for the impact we hope to make as our business grows.

We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for, and truly appreciate the support we have received from our community. Thank you for helping us live out our values as parents and business owners - we strive to be loving, calm and mindful.

Here's to supporting small business and many more years of living our best lives!

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